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Acai + CBD Oil= A Dose of Healthy Your Body Needs

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical for your future. Not only can living this way of life help prevent long-term illnesses and chronic diseases, but it is an easy way to help you maintain your vitality and allow you to feel good about yourself. Even better, maintaining this healthy lifestyle does not have to be as complicated as many people expect it to be.

CBD oil and acai have continuously grown in popularity over the last few years, as studies have consistently shown that both can significantly improve overall health and wellness. In this guide, we will show you how incorporating CBD oil and acai into your life can be the healthy change you were looking for.

Benefits of CBD Oil

You may have heard about CBD oil and stress relief. However, what you may have not realized is that CBD oil provides numerous health benefits and is used as a popular remedy for many common ailments. Consider the following:

CBD Oil Improves Sleep

Failing to get the sleep you need can impact every aspect of your life, including your physical health, emotional health, and how you deal with your daily routine. Luckily, with CBD oil, you do not have to battle this tossing and turning for much longer. Not only does research continue to indicate the benefits of CBD on sleep. But according to data collected from an internal CBDistillery™

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customer survey, 89% of CBD users indicated that CBD helps them sleep better.

CBD Oil Reduces Inflammation

CBD has numerous therapeutic properties, especially in reducing acute inflammation in the body. How does this work? Research suggests that CBD reduces inflammation by affecting activity in the body’s endocannabinoid receptors. Simply put, the plant element mimics the effects of certain messengers produced in the body and interacts with the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Consequently, these interactions help regulate numerous essential processes, including immune system functions and inflammation.

CBD Oil Helps with Mild and Temporary Anxiety

Every day we deal with some sort of stress. However, how we handle this stress differs from one individual to another. For instance, some individuals experience strong emotions because of stress. Others have muscle pains, digestive issues, recurring infections, and frequent headaches. Fortunately, with CBD oil, these reactions can be minimized. According to CBD users, 89% reported that CBD helps them calm their minds, and 88% said that CBD oil helps with mild anxiety.

CBD Oil Helps with Pain After Physical Activity

Physical activity is not only a critical part of having a healthy lifestyle, but it is also necessary to build a stronger body. However, as you reach this peak level, you may push yourself too far at times during training. As a result, you may feel some pain and discomfort after your exercise routine. Luckily, you do not have to allow this pain to hold you back. According to a survey done by 2,000 CBDistillery™ customers, respondents indicated that CBD helped with their inflammation, discomfort, and stiffness following any physical activity.

Benefits of Acai

Acai berries also referred to as a Brazilian “superfruit,” are a staple food in the Amazon region. Yet, because of their countless benefits to people’s well-being and health, they have gained popularity all over the world. Today, this delicious food is incorporated into many different dishes, and because of its nutritional qualities, it has been known to produce the following health benefits:

Acai Berries are Loaded with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are vital at neutralizing the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. If these free radicals are not neutralized, they can lead to cell damage and various diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Thankfully, acai berries have high amounts of antioxidants, even three times more than antioxidant-rich fruits like blueberries.

Acai Can Help Improve Cholesterol Levels

Acai berries contain plant sterols, which have been known to prevent cholesterol from being absorbed by the body, which can be extremely beneficial for individuals looking to reduce their cholesterol levels. Even though more research needs to be done, some studies have even shown that when overweight adults ate acai smoothies twice daily for a month. They have been able to reduce their “bad” LDL cholesterol and their total cholesterol levels.

Acai Can Help Boost Brain Function

Because the acai berry contains many plant compounds, it can help protect the brain from damage as it ages. This is because the antioxidants in acai berries counteract the damaging effects of oxidation and inflammation in brain cells, which can detrimentally affect learning and memory. Another way that acai berries can improve brain function is by cleaning up cells that are toxic or no longer working and making way for new nerves to form and help enhance communication between the cells.

Acai Berries are Nutrient- Dense

If you are looking for the ideal meal, acai berries are the complete package. They are low in sugar and contain the optimal level of fiber, fat, and trace minerals, including iron, zinc, chromium, magnesium, and potassium. Plus, acai also contains plant compounds such as anthocyanins. Studies have indicated that anthocyanin has the capacity to improve visual acuity, reduce cancer cell proliferation, lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Combining CBD Oil and Acai- The Best of Both Worlds

Now that you have read about the numerous benefits of acai and CBD oil, we want to expand this idea a little further. What if you can have the best of both worlds and start your day with a delicious acai bowl with an added dose of CBD oil. It is the perfect way to consume a mouthwatering and nutrient-filled dish while obtaining all the advantages of cannabidiol.

To get you started on creating your ultimate acai bowl, visit CBDistillery™ today and let us help get you exactly what you need.



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