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4 Ways to Gift CBD to Friends and Family

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gifts for the holiday season or just want to give a few “just because” gifts, you can’t go wrong with hemp-derived CBD. Hemp-derived CBD oils appeal to a variety of lifestyles, from wellness advocates to retirees, tons of people across the country enjoy hemp-derived CBD in their daily routines. If you’re trying to find the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list, hemp-derived CBD might be a great option. Here’s how to cross everyone off of your list with the gift of hemp-derived CBD. 

Your Athletic Friend 

We all have that one friend who likes to raise the bar every New Year, creating a list of goals and challenges that make you sweat just thinking about them. These overachievers do a lot, and chances are they take their recovery and general wellness seriously. Many athletic people enjoy hemp-derived pure CBD oil during their active recovery days, and your favorite athlete might enjoy it too. Look for a topical hemp-derived CBD solution that can help support them after hard training sessions. 

The Busy Working Professional 

Hemp-derived CBD oil isn’t just for athletes and wellness advocates. Even busy working professionals enjoy it in their daily routine. If you know someone who is continuously bouncing from one meeting to the next and seemingly always has a tight deadline to meet, they might enjoy hemp-derived CBD capsules. They’re easy to enjoy on the go and could be your friend’s secret weapon to help them wind down after another busy day. 

For Your Parents  

Mom and dad can sometimes be the hardest people to shop for. It seems like they have everything they could ever need, and when you ask what they want, you’ll typically be told, “Just to see you!” If that’s not good enough for you, try hemp-derived CBD. Chances are they haven’t tried it yet and might not even know much about it. But if they care about their wellness as they age, they could probably dig giving hemp-derived CBD a try. There are a variety of products available, from CBD pills to tinctures, creams, and more. Find a reputable brand with a good hemp-derived CBD oil sale and pick up something you think your parents would enjoy in their daily routines. 

CBD for Your Favorite Furry Friend 

Furry friends (cats and dogs—not your bearded brother-in-law) love hemp-derived CBD just as much as humans do. If your pet is tired of receiving the same squeaky toy every year, pick up a bottle of hemp-derived CBD oil specially formulated for pets. Many pet owners find that it can help their pets in many ways, and your furry friend just might love it. 

About CBDistillery™

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