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4 Suggestions for Incorporating Hemp-Derived CBD Into Your Winter Sports Schedule

The warmer months are generally the ones more associated with having fun outside. However, there are lots of like-minded people who can’t wait for that mercury to drop because that’s when their season of outdoor fun begins. Whether it’s ice skating or hockey, skiing or snowboarding, even ice fishing, some of us live for cold weather kicks. As much fun as winter sports are, though, they can require some motivation and can be pretty taxing. Consider the following suggestions for incorporating a high-quality hemp-derived CBD tincture and other hemp-derived CBD products into your winter sports schedule.  

Rise and Shine 

One of the reasons that hemp-derived CBD is so popular is that it interacts with systems in our bodies and helps provide boosted wellness while being non-intoxicating. The sense of balance and clarity can be the perfect combination to begin a day of fun and demanding winter sports or activities. Consider a serving of hemp-derived CBD after your breakfast and morning coffee or tea that motivated and at the top of your game.  

A Midday Boost 

High-quality CBD can help maintain wellness throughout the day, seeing you through the toughest parts of winter activity. Fight off early afternoon slumps and keep your energy up all day with a little extra boost from CBD. Hemp-derived CBD is also prized for its ability to ease discomfort. For a midday boost to keep you on top of your game and ready for more, follow up lunch with some CBD hemp oil. 

Winding Back Down 

One common way that people enjoy hemp-derived CBD products is for relief and relaxation. After a long day on the slopes, on the rink, or wherever your winter sport of choice takes place, hemp-derived CBD is the perfect choice for optimizing some winding down. In addition to tinctures or capsules, check out hemp-derived CBD topical products like creams or salves for more targeted, localized relief. There are even some high-quality hemp-derived CBD skincare lotions and lip balms to moisturize and soothe dry, wind-chapped skin. 

Drifting to Sleep 

Finally, at the end of a fun but exhausting day of winter sports, there’s nothing better than drifting into a restful, comfortable sleep. However, that can sometimes prove a bit tough after a day of excitement and exertion. The use of hemp-derived CBD products for sleep support is very popular. To optimize the promotion of sleep, though, look for a tincture that combines hemp-derived CBD with CBN. Combinations of hemp-derived CBN + CBD are considered by many to be the natural sleep support solution of choice. 

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