4 Strategies for Relaxing Over the Holiday Season

As joyful and unifying as they are meant to be, it’s a small wonder that the holidays can so often prove stressful. The holidays interrupt routines and can create financial stress. They often require responsibilities like gift planning and shopping, card writing, cooking a big meal, and so on. The “most wonderful time of the year” shouldn’t have to be one of the tensest times of the year. Whether it means you decide to buy CBD oil derived from hemp or some extra pre-holiday planning, some strategies for chilling out during the holidays is a must. 

Plan Ahead to Reduce Last-Minute Stress 

Listing who you need to get gifts for and what a realistic gift budget is a big part of holiday planning, but not all of it. Communicate with loved ones regarding gifting. Families can agree on one gift per household or set a gift price cap at $20. If necessary, let your loved ones know your gift budget is lower this year, rather than sweating it. Or consider doing a holiday season gift theme—only used books from local bookstores or only handmade gifts, for example.  

Give Hemp-Derived CBD Products a Shot 

Hemp-derived CBD has exploded onto the national scene in the past few years as a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that its proponents praise for a whole variety of benefits. Hemp-derived CBD is an endocannabinoid system (ECS) agonist. That means it binds to receptors in the ECS. That’s important because the ECS helps regulate functions like mood, pleasure, sleep, immune function, and more. If your holiday experience tends to involve a good deal of tension, worry, or is otherwise less pleasant than it should be, look into picking up some high-quality hemp-derived CBD tincture 

Manage Your Expectations 

Sometimes the distress that can accompany the holidays is a product of stressing about expectations that end up not turning out as you’d expected or hoped. It’s helpful to recognize that things may not go smoothly, and that traditions change. While clashes with family members during the holidays has become something of a punchline, that’s because they’re not that uncommon. Remember that loved ones may be stressed out as well, and tension can make people edgy. Try to enjoy the holiday experience for what it is, rather than what you had expected or hoped for. 

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Never Be Afraid to Say No—People Will Understand 

The holidays are supposed to be the time of the year characterized by love, generosity, and goodwill. That doesn’t have to mean that those noble principles apply to everyone but you. If there’s a holiday trip, or event, or expectation you aren’t feeling up to, it’s OK to say so. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed, or just need some time to recharge. People tend to understand that sometimes everyone just needs to take a step back.   

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